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3 Biggest Challenges Of Relocating To Hawaii

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It’s hard to imagine a downside to relocating to one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the world. Hawaii’s diversity, natural beauty, perfect weather, and myriad of recreation options make it one of the top dream destinations for many people, and moving there could easily be a dream come true. However, if you’ve decided to pull up stakes and relocate to the tropics, you should be aware that moving to Hawaii is not like moving within the contiguous states. Making this move can be much more difficult. Obviously, you...

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3 Fun Ways To Customize A Family Vehicle

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When you think of customized cars, you probably think of muscle cars and racing cars, not the car, minivan, or SUV that you use to take your family of five to the dentist. But just because you’re a parent and your daily driving routine includes elementary school and soccer practice doesn’t mean that you can’t trick out your car. There are plenty of cool customizations and add-ons that are just as much fun in a family car as they are in a sports car. Some of them are even practical. Check out three of the best ways you can...

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Engine Oil Warnings Leaving You Confused? What You Should Know About Spotting Oil Leaks

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If you’ve never owned a car or you aren’t mechanically inclined, engine trouble can be mystifying. Most every car engine will lose oil pressure as time passes. This is typically due to wear around the bearings. In most cases, the oil loss is minimal enough that you don’t notice it between oil changes. If, however, you notice unusually low oil pressure or your engine oil warning light comes on, it’s an indication of a potentially serious problem. Here’s a look at some of the things that you should check to...

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Repair Or Replace? Evaluating Options For Standard, Automatic And CVT Transmissions

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It’s one of every car owner’s worst fears: the choppy or sluggish shifting between gears that usually signals transmission problems. Other than the replacement or rebuilding of your car’s engine, transmission issues are one of the most expensive problems you’ll face as a car owner. How can you decide whether to repair or replace your ailing transmission? Does it depend on the type of transmission you have — standard, automatic, or CVT? Read on to learn more about the fundamental differences between these types of...

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Can You Keep Your Totaled Car And Still Get An Insurance Payment?

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You got into a wreck and your car was totaled — at least as far as insurance companies are concerned. But what if you want to keep your vehicle and try to get it fixed — or sell it yourself for salvage? You certainly can do this if you like, but your check from the insurance carrier will be smaller.  What Does “Totaled” Actually Mean? An insurance company decides that a vehicle is a total loss when the repairs would cost more than the car is worth or within a certain percentage of the car’s actual value,...

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Choosing The Best Finish For Your Car: Carnauba Wax Or Paint Sealant?

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If you love your car, you want it to look as gorgeous as possible every day. Unfortunately, the elements can damage your car’s paint and even fade the color over time. Maintaining gorgeous paint quality means protecting your car with wax or paint sealant. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to choose the best protective coating for your vehicle. What Is Carnauba Wax? Favored by car enthusiasts and shops the world over, carnauba wax is a paint-protecting coating derived from the leaves of the tree of...

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5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

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If the thought of your teenager behind the wheel of a car fills you with dread, rest assured that you can take steps to help him learn to drive safely and sensibly — not just during the teen years, but for life. Here are five ideas to take for a test drive. 1. Prepare a Written Agreement A teenager living in your house and/or driving a car registered in your name should be subject to parental rules regarding driving behavior. Several insurance companies and other organizations have composed parent-teen driving agreements for this...

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Making The Most Of Your Mountain Vacation: Popular U.S. Destinations

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Not everyone is a beach person. The mountains make for nice vacations too. And if you’re one of the chosen few who would rather linger lakeside than shuffle along the Eastern shore, grab your backpack and your mountain bike—adventure awaits you in prime vacation spots all across the United States. Acadia National Park, Maine Acadia National Park features 45 miles of trail that was once used for wagon passage—perfect for hikers and bikers. But it has amenities for the rest of the family as well—access to fishing, boating, skiing,...

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Selecting Truck Parts: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cross Flow Radiators

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Canada’s has a $65 billion trucking industry that is responsible for employing over 260,000 drivers. The trucking industry is responsible for transporting approximately 90% of all consumer products that are needed within Canada, and around 60% of products that are traded with the U.S. Naturally, the trucking industry is a prosperous industry to enter and join. If you are investing in a new truck to further expand your career in this industry, you should consider the type of radiator your truck has, and familiarize with the...

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4 Things That Might Be Causing Your Vehicle To Use Too Much Fuel

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If you have noticed lately that your car is guzzling more fuel, it might be time to take it to an auto repair shop to have a mechanic look at it. There are a number of things that cause cars to consume more gas, and a good mechanic will know exactly what to look for. Here are four of the common causes of this, and you should have these things fixed if they are not working properly. Oxygen Sensor The process of determining what is causing an increase in fuel consumption begins with troubleshooting, and the mechanic’s first step might be...

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